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The software is produced in Brisbane,Australia and distributed throughout the world by our parent company Xn Checkout plc. It can be installed on a single computer, multi user network, thin client or touch screen POS. All systems must be running Win98, Win XP, 2000, or NT. Once the DRS system is installed , it can be maintained from this web site with all supporting information, help, service and support requests and upgrades available through a valid login unique to you.


If you are a good operator, the software is designed to allow retailers to increase Sales and GP% . This is done by providing you with up to the minute information that the software will present to you as knowledge. If you know what you're doing right - do more of it. If you know what you're doing wrong - stop it! By engaging the software and our suggested business methods, higher profits can be easily achieved. Increase Customers, Average Spend, Supplier Rebates, better Buying and lower IT costs, all adds up to more profit for you and your retail business.





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